Newsletter Writing

Statistics have shown that email marketing is 40 times more likely to help you acquire customers than either Facebook or Twitter. As such, this makes it is easy to see why newsletters and email marketing is a highly effective channel to invest in.

It has also proven to be an effective tool in getting prospects interested in your products and services since it gives you the tool necessary for creating high quality content to appeal to your target audience, while building your brand and business.

Blog Posts

A company’s blog has more ROI than traditional marketing efforts. Companies with blogs are said to receive 97% more links to their websites, as such, higher blogging frequency is definitely effective. I can help you create high quality content by tapping into my versatility and knowledge as well as undertaking relevant research to help create informative content for your readers.

Ghost Writing

Looking to write professional articles and papers for that big (or small) presentation but with little or no time available? Allow me help you create and deliver quality materials and articles on time whenever you may need it.

Lighten your desk and workload with my ghostwriting services.


Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the writing process. They aid the effectiveness of one’s writing style and clarify ideas. Often, writers and authors generally think both are similar but the two are quite distinct. While editing requires rereading of the initial draft to confirm issues around content, organisation and structure, proofreading focuses on finding and correcting errors in writing, grammar and the general language. Essentially, editing and proofreading your work ensures your written message matches what you intended to say.

I provide editing and proofreading services to assist client condense and improve the efficiency of their writing by questioning their flow of thoughts, ensuring there is good logic to the message they were trying to convey, while ensuring same is communicated with appropriate language and structure.